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Flagstone School is a well-known preschool in the Old Town Alexandria area, serving ages 2 months - 5 years of age. Flagstone School was established in 1994, by a team of dedicated professionals, who had a passion for families, children and the community.

Founded on the philosophy that the individualism and the unique abilities of each child are to be recognized, respected and encouraged, The Flagstone School strives to implement a curriculum that is  a joyful learning experience, encouraging but never forcing, and challenging but never overwhelming. The Flagstone School believes that while working  together parents, children and staff  have the responsibility and the privilege  of  bringing about a community in which its members neither loose sight of their own strengths, nor disrespect the rights of others.

Important message regarding COVID 19

We wanted to get this message out to all of you concerning the increased sanitizating care we are taking in the school at this time.

1. All toys, regardless of rooms are going through the following:

* Deep bleaching mixture soak once during the day and again at night. The toys are rotated in this process so there is plenty of materials availbale for children's use.

* All soft toys, dress-up clothes etc are being removed till further notice.

*All chairs, table, counters etc. besides being sanitized and washed during the day, are thoroughly washed at night and re-wiped in the morning.

2. We encourage you to wash your own and children's hands upon entering the classromm. Staff are having children wash their hands through out the day.

3. Please be attentive to backpacks, diaper bags etc. Spray and wipe off continuously.

4. Please do not leave coats, sweaters etc in the cubbies overniht since we will be sanitizing them nightly.

We know that many work environmnets, schools and sporting activities are making severe changes and even closing. Our population is well below the 100 count, but with even that being said, we will continue to take every precaution necessarry so that you and your children can maintain normal routine as much as possible.

Flagstone, a place for children
where their dreams and needs come first.

Memories that last a lifetime
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The Flagstone School
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